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Considering a Building Project?

You may be considering remodeling, a new location involving tenant improvement or a new ground-up clinic. Regardless of the type of project you envision, the consultants at Vision Advisors will bring the entire team of experts needed to bring your goals to a reality.

There are many components to a project that require consideration for the construction of any clinic. In this article we’re looking at the general order of a project, “where do I start” along with pre-construction services. I like to think of this as a time to minimize surprises.

General Order of a Project:

  • Financing approvals: Karkela will provide preliminary budgets for your project to assist with this.

  • Finance Consultant: Most of our clients also have their consultant review the project and provide advice on moving forward.

  • Site Search: If you are looking at a new location or a ground up type project this is the logical next step and often the step that is hard to put a timeline to due to landlord’s or seller’s schedules, priorities, etc.

  • Architect and Contractor: Now is the time to bring these team members on to assist with Site Review and budgeting.

  • Site Review: I’ll expand on this below but this is the point where we see the site and advise of observations that can have an effect on construction cost and timing.

  • Site Negotiations: Lease negotiations or purchase agreements are negotiated at this time. The Real Estate Broker is your key player here along with observations from the Architect and Contractor regarding the site. (This is also an essential time if you are remodeling with tenant improvement dollars from a lease renewal.)

  • Equipment selections: Decisions are made regarding keeping existing equipment, purchasing new, or a combination.

  • Budgets and Timelines: After key decisions are made, budgets and timelines increase in accuracy.

  • Design Development: This is the key stage where final plans are completed and construction costs are made firm.

  • Permits/Construction/Equipment install/Open the doors: This is the fun part seeing your goals coming to life.

Site Review - Additional Notes:

As an important part of developing budgets and timelines, we start by looking at the site. Again, regardless if it is a remodel, tenant improvement or a ground up project, the purpose here is to identify items that will lead to budget issues or circumstances that might affect the timeline. Careful examination of the site is needed and issues discussed. Take the example of a remodel while keeping the clinic open, how will the project be phased to keep exam rooms operational, where will the waiting room be located during construction, how do we keep the clinic safe for patients and staff during construction.

In a tenant improvement scenario, we review what the Landlord is providing and what they are not. Assumptions cannot be made here; the lease will make it very clear. We also look at mechanical items, is there proper heating and cooling available, how about the electrical, do we have enough power for the general needs plus equipment. You might be surprised how often plumbing has not been extended into a vacant suite, this can be a major, costly surprise.

When it comes to looking at land for a ground up project, it is extremely important to confirm the quality of the soils to ensure the building foundation will be supported properly. In addition, confirming utilities are easily accessible is important.

In short, the objective is to minimize surprises. The idea of taking on a construction project may be intimidating but with the right team, the team that knows the business of optometry, the process will be educational for certain but also a very exciting time for your practice.

John Hill


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